Thursday, 18 July 2013

Human Destroys, Human Creates

BlankAtlas group exhibition
13 July - 3 August 2013

Exhibition hall before the opening 

 Human Destroys, Human Creates
Chanting as a symbol of resistance
Video projection and acrylic on cardboard boxes
By Jasim Ghafur

Ghafur produces art, which protests against global injustices. The recent momentum of protests in the Middle East and other part of the world against suppression, reiterates the power of resilience for Ghafur. Within the installation work presented in the show, Ghafur projects two symbolic figures, representing the constant conflict between war and peace. Mussolini is presented as the personification of the fascist regimes throughout the world, whilst the Egyptian writer and activist Nawal El-Saddawi is the voice of resilience, protest and therefore hope. Sounds of women chanting for equality accompany the installation.
The paintings on the cardboard boxes present raw emotion. Some sequences reflect current reality events, as seen in the mass media, such as the assassination of a Kurdish political leader which took place in the heart of Europe, with catastrophic knock-on effects in Kurdistan, and saw children looking for shelter in the rubble of their destroyed neighbourhoods.

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