Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lady Bay Festival

Lady Bay Festival, 18-19 May 2013
My exhibition slot alongside with other five artists was located at the All Hallows Church. I was fortunate to be allocated in this wonderful space to install eight paintings and eight acrylic painted ply wood cut-outs installed in a circle, around a dropped down fabric in the shape of a long light shade. 

Through presenting this body of work, I attempt to take a journey into the depth of symbols and to shine light on the hidden corners of reality that are not visible to the everyday eye. They encourage our visual and logical abilities to question what is presented to us as a truth and to see the world in its all dimensions through a critical eye.
The colours and shapes in this body of work convey a direct visual code and a pure symbolic language communicating our human social and political make-up. They also attempt to narrate the artist's background and viewpoints infused with his recent personal experiences.
Link to Lady Bay Festival websitePhotos of the festival

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