Saturday, 23 October 2010

Black History Month
Celebrating Diversity
By Children at Mellers Primary School
Workshop delivered by Jasim Ghafur

Celebrating The Black History Month is an opportunity for everyone to recognize and appreciate what contribution black and asian people have made throughout history. Recognizing that the suffering and discrimination committed against black  and asian people, must be condemned and eliminated for ever. It is a celebration with an attempt to create a harmonious and peaceful living environment to be enjoyed by every on in the world. 

With the theme of Black History Month, Celebrating Diversity, the workshop aimed to provide a brain and visual exercise, where children from different backgrounds are provided with an opportunity to develop an interest in each others background, to listen to each others stories about who they are and where they come from, finding similarities and learn how to value each other. 

Interviewing each other, describe and draw and painting a portraits of your favorite person; generated a big interest and enthusiasm among children to express themselves and to create a valuable art works as the result of the workshop.  The outcome art work is a true celebration of diversity with its representational element of the value and the beauty of all people across nations and ethnicities.  
The workshop achieved its objectives in producing this wonderful art work by the participating children. 

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