Monday, 31 May 2010

Working with archive images with a historical representation is never an easy task. I set these challenges for myself to combine the significance of archive visual documents with their present narrative elements that communicate a powerful stories and a history that rooted in my current understanding of the surrounding existence. As and artist, I am trying to re-write the history. In the image on the left, I have inserted an image of myself, positioning it next to the dead bodies of the chemical attack in the town Halabja. I am communicating my ongoing feeling of guilt that I escaped the attack and survived while I could have been one of those 5000 people who lost their lives 22 yeas ago.

In the right hand side image, I ones again inserted my self into to the images of people who are walking away from their homes and it is unclear where from and where they are going to. this gives a depth in meaning and uncertainty of place and time, and this for me represents the ongoing phenomenon of displacement and refugee that is very current at our epoch.

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