Wednesday, 17 February 2010

By Jasim Ghafur

As one of the participants at the protest, I wanted to record and make this video in respond to my overwhelming feelings of rejections and not being accepted by those whom blindly direct their racist attacks and blame on people who escaped and sought protection.

I was anxious to attend the protest as some of my friends were worried that I might get attacked or hurt by EDL supporters, but I wanted to take part and I thought that it is not us should be afraid to defend the secular and progressive believes, but people who are attacking those progressive and human values should be anxious and worried to publicly protesting and spreading hatred against none white british people.

eventually and by about 2 pm on that day, our number increased and I estimated the crowed about 1000 people and that was a good turnout, later on I realized that there has been other groups confronting the main crowd of EDL. the protest aimed to not let the EDL to march in the city of Nottingham as they planned and succefully the EDL could not appear in the main parts of the town and they were stopped around the train station. Later I was told that when our protest ended at about 5.30 pm, then some of the remaining people of EDL walked around city centre chanting their anti Muslim and anti immigrants slogans.

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